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"To gain primal knowledge, one must cultivate the soul."

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 hosted by Dr. Ashok Gangadean



WYBE TV Premiers New Talk Show &mdash "Global Lens"

Click here to visit the official "Global Lens" site on WYBE TV.

Philadelphia, PA – WYBE is premiering a new kind of talk show. One that addresses important global and multicultural issues, has renowned guests who are making a change in our world and is hosted by a dynamic and knowledgeable individual who relies on his experience, intuition and charisma to orchestrate a meaningful dialogue. The only makeover that is happening on this show is the way viewers will think about the world they live in.

WYBE TV's new talk show "Global Lens" premiered on Monday, October 18 at 7:30 PM with guest Betty Williams, whose work in her native Northern Ireland won her the 1976 Nobel Peace Prize.

"Global Lens" was born from the award-winning, Emmy-nominated live call–in television talk show, Philly LIVE. The show is aimed to give a forum to people in the forefront of international news, events, and global issues. Previous programs have featured topics such as the Crisis in the Middle East, India vs. Pakistan: the Dispute over Kashmir, OPEC & Gas Prices, the Economic impact of the Euro, and the Armenian Genocide Bill. Featured guests have included Congressman Joseph Hoeffel, Bernard Munk, Ph.D., SEI Center for Advanced Studies at the Wharton School and Trudy Rubin, Foreign Affairs correspondent for the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Host Ashok Gangadean, Ph.D., is truly an international connection. An accomplished author, lecturer and philosopher, Dr. Gangadean has worked with numerous organizations such as UNICEF and the World Commission on Global Consciousness & Spirituality. A Professor of Philosophy at Haverford College for thirty–five years, he has written several books on global reason, global philosophy, and dialogue between worlds, and is Founder–Director of the ((Global Dialogue Institute)), which specializes in cultivating common ground and deeper global awareness among diverse worlds in our emerging global communities. Dr. Gangadean has appeared on NBC News and CNN Headline News, in addition to being a guest on the national series Thinking Allowed and A Parliament of Minds.

"Global Lens" airs every Monday at 7:30 p.m. with rebroadcasts at 9:30 AM on Tuesdays. For more information on upcoming show topics and guest appearances, visit WYBE.org.

Member–supported WYBE can be found on broadcast channel 35, digital channel 34, most cable systems in the greater Philadelphia area, and on direct broadcast satellite.